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OWLS Workforce Development

The OWLS Workforce Development Division includes our flagship Working on Country Card and Focused Energy training programs, online training solutions, work readiness and recruitment services.

The Working on Country Card (WOCC) program

The WOCC program is issued upon completion of online and workshop training. The program not only advances cross cultural competence, it also articulates with and supports elective workforce engagement with contractor Reconciliation Action and Aboriginal Participation plans.

Cyril Hayes, Frank Aragu and Thalanyji Elders deliver an engaging and empowering learning experience.

Program Availability: Wheatstone, Onslow, Perth

“Focused Energy” program

This program is a powerful, adventure based, Workforce Wellbeing and Safety focused Teamwork and Leadership workshop. The program is delivered by Mike Bormann. Mike is amongst Australia’s leading workforce wellbeing based team and leadership programs. His experience spans programs for corporate executives to Indigenous youth development.

Program Availability: Thevernard Island, Onslow, Perth, Margaret River

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